Reiki and Pranic healing are one of the safest methods to enhance the healing power of the body to cure various physical, emotional and mental issues. The Reiki is an ancient healing method in which the universal and body energy is given to the receiver by the Reiki master. Through the services of the Reiki and Pranic healing center in Delhi any man and woman can unite with an infinite source of energy. Reiki healing, reduces stress, tension, anxiety, fatigue and rejuvenates the body and mind. It does not need any tools and is performed by the use of hands on the body of the receiver.
Pranic healing works on the premises that energy is the basis of all matter. It is also believed that our thoughts, actions, and feelings have the energy that has the ability and capability to change the environment around us based on the intensity of our intentions. In the Pranic healing the transformative power of energy is used to change negative energy into positive energy.
In Pranic healing, this trans-formative nature of energy is used to convert anxiety into calmness, nervousness into confidence, negative emotions into positive ones, and lack of confidence in confidence to achieve the desired goal. Besides providing health benefits, the Pranic healing also enables one to be aware of the slight changes in the body, the auras around the body, and in the chakras, different energy centers through which energy force enters.
The Reiki and Pranic healing center use this universal energy to restore the balance in the body. Without any touch the Pranic healing replenishes the body with energy to enhance the healing power of the body. The biggest advantage of the Reiki and Pranic healing is that one can do self-healing also without the need for any external aid.