Past life regression is a therapeutic technique which enables a client subconsciously, into the past life and finds the cause of the problem which is troubling the present life and has not been solved. With the help of a therapist the client is made to retrieve memories of the past life and find the exact reason which is responsible for the current problem. With the help of past life regression, a person can find and uncover the pattern that has the link in the past life and are harmful to the present life.
The person can go into the past life by the guided techniques involving meditation or hypnosis. Anyone who is unable to find the cause of the current problems affecting the life and restricting the professionals and personal development must consult the Past Life Regression Center for retrieving the root of the current problems. There must be something from the past that is affecting the current life. The answer can be going back to the life when a person was in some different life.
During the process the person is fully aware and understand everything and instruction given by the therapist. When a person comes out of the session he or she can remember everything about the current life without any problem. The mind journey of the client to the back life does not affect his knowledge or memories about the current life.
The service of Past Life Regression Center will help clients to reduce stress, tension, guilt, cure suicidal tendencies, cure phobia of any kind, emotional, mental and physical problems, relieve suppressed emotions, and reserve self-destructive behavior or several such issues.
After the session the client will be free from past burdens, fears, guilt and there will be marked improvement in day to day life. The quality of life will see a dramatic improvement. The person develops the ability to take proactive actions rather than react to situations and find a meaning and purpose in life besides bringing a fresh perspective into relations.