We believe in quality education and our focus would always be on up skilling. We have been educating and spreading awareness through our seminars, workshops & counseling programs. We are also providing many short term certification courses of alternative medicines & therapies and personality development.

These courses have been designed under the guidance of specialist. Our fee structure is also economical than other institution of same kind. We are not only teaching any subject but also providing the hands-on practice to the students, so that they can gain the confidence over their learning.

Students are taking certificate from our institution and adding value to their self, an extra source of earning and helping family, friends & relative as well. Following are the list of course, please select that and contact us for farther detail or understanding.

Sr. Number Course Name Category Duration Fee (in Indian Rupee)
1 Reiki Level-1 1-Day 5,000/-
2 Reiki Level-2 2-Days 8,000/-
3 Reiki Master 3-Days 20,000/-
4 Reiki Teaching 1-Day 15,000/-
5 Pranic Healing Level-1 2-Days 8,000/-
6 Pranic Healing Level-2 2-Days 12,000/-
7 Aura Healing Reading 1-Day 5,000/-
8 Aura Healing Cleaning 1-Day 5,000/-
9 Aura Healing Balancing 2-Day 5,000/-
10 Chromo(Color) Therapy 2-Days 8,000/-
11 Stone Therapy Color Stone 1-Day 5,000/-
12 Stone Therapy Hot Stone 1-Day 5,000/-
13 Stone Therapy Cold Stone 1-Day 5,000/-
14 Globe Reading 5-Day 15,000/-
15 Lama Fera Level-1 2-Days 8,000/-
16 Lama Fera Master 2-Days 12,000/-
17 Meditation Stage-1 Please select any one of the following- 1-Days 2,000/-
A Sahaj
B Vipasana
C Basic Chakra
D Basic Visualization
E Nad-Bhram(Osho)
F Oum
18 Meditation Stage-2 Please select any one of the following- 1-Day 3,500/-
A White Light
B Dynamic(Osho)
C Advance Visualization
D Advance Chakra
E Alfa Stage
F Chakra Sound
19 Meditation Stage-3 Please select any one of the following- 1-Day 5,000/-
A Goal Fulfillment
B Oum Visualization
C Third Eye Activation
20 Tarot Card Reading 5-Days 15,000/-
21 Reflexology 1-Week 12,000/-
22 Holistic & Natural First Aid 3- Days 10,000/-
23 Certificate in Clinical Assistant 5-Days 10,000/-
24 Public Speaking 2-Days 5,000/-
25 Effective Communication 2-Days 7,000/-
26 Team Enhancing Skill 2-Days 7,000/-
27 Corporate Etiquette 2-Days 10,000/-