CHAHAT is a one stop point to get the solution of your Health, Personal & Professional problems.


CHAHAT is headed by Dr. Amita Kulshreshtha, who holds master degree in alternative medicine and a registered practicenor since 2005. She has been a successful director of many organizations (like M.P.& Nephrine Renal Care in Delhi-NCR) & coordinated many hospitals in Delhi-NCR (e.g. Park,Lions& Saras hospital) for renal dialysis. She is also associated with couple of N.G.Os for her social work.

While she was doing her practice, she realized that people are suffering due to several medical reasons which affect their physical condition and they end-up having disease. But due to today’s modern life style, people are more prone to mental hazards. This pushes them into stress, negativity, restlessness, sleeplessness etc. And hence they are more into mental problems which might be categorized as psychosomatic disorders, behavioral impairment, fear, frustrations and other conditions.

This is why she moved towards treating psychological problems. She got trained in many therapies to help patients in such cases. She has also realized that there are some cosmic connections which affect us and are responsible for many good or bad incidents happening with all of us. She gained much materialistic knowledge into this to find the root cause to solve mysteries around it. She is now a master in hypnosis, NLP,reiki, pranic healing, past life regression, mediation, astrology, batch flower remedy and many more therapies.

CHAHAT is the dream project of Dr Amita. She always wanted to have a non- allopathic medical centre where physical and mental problems can be taken care of; where patient would be thoroughly diagnosed for every single problem, be it because of physical or mental reason and can be treated well. If under any circumstances centre is not be able to serve the patient for any specific illness then it would be able to refer the patient to the right place.