Color therapy is used by practitioners in alternative health. It is also classified as the vibrational healing modality, which incorporates the use of ‘chi’ (Chinese word for energy) or energies of livening organisms such as plants, gemstones, sunlight, water crystals and sound. Every color has its own healing properties and the therapist trained in the color therapy uses the light and color in the form of tools, verbal suggestions and visualization to restore the energy balance in the body that is without vibrancy in physical emotional and spiritual aspect.
The detailed knowledge is given to the participants in the Color and gem therapy Center about the history of color Primary color, secondary color, tertiary color, shades, metallic color, pale color, and light and color. The candidates also learn about the selection process of gems and factors that determine the cost of a gem.
The gems also have healing properties and astrological calculations are done to determine the best gem for the person based on his or her zodiac sign. The gemstone therapy is based on the premise that gems carry a vibration and when it is placed on the person’s aura it restores the balance and fulfills the need for the particular color which is missing or is in excess. Gemstones are used to heal by restoring the original composition of the eight colors of the human aura. The eight colors of the human aura are violent, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange infrared and ultraviolet. After joining the Best color and gem therapy courses in Delhi. When a gem is used close to the body of the person and it emits a specific wavelength to the body. The wavelength converts the color of the aura into a chemical form that a body utilizes to improve its physical and emotional functioning.
The Color and gem therapy courses will equip the candidates to know the right gemstone and color for self-improvement and also for curing several emotional and mental issues. The person will also know how to select use and take care of gems. Anyone interested in self-improvement therapies can join the courses from the experts.