Counseling Center for Psychological and Relationship in  Delhi NCR

Pain Management and Meditation Center in Delhi NCR

Realize The Full Potential of Life by using Proven Healing Methods Without use of Drugs

Chahat uses the powerful non- medication alternatives to give relief to clients suffering from various physical, emotional and mental problems. Our experts use proven methods of reiki,meditation,healing, and tarot reading to help our clients to live life to the full possibilities.

Our experts use Past  life regression , Sound therapy , Gem therapy ,Meditation , Reiki , Hypnosis and Neuro linguistic programming to improve the daily life of clients by removing all emotional , medical , physical and spiritual hurdles which are interfering with their day to day life .

The comprehensive services are provided by experts with years of experience behind them under the same roof in the soothing atmosphere of the center. Seniorcitizens, working men and women,professionals, students and businessmen and businesswomen can enhance their potential with our healing therapies.

Our vision is to help our citizens live a healthier life free from physical and emotional issues and enjoy the life by realizing its full potential.

Our Services
CHAHAT is an organization of alternative medicine & therapies. Here people would be treated for their physical, psychological, spiritual & cosmic problems under one roof.

Pain Management & Rehabilitation

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Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

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Reiki & Pranic Healing

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Dr Amita has god gifted powers of healing. These powers greatly help your body to heal and get energised. These natural healing powers along with alternative medicines strengthen the body and gives peace to mind. nnThe allopathy medicines have lots of side effects and have to be taken on a long term basis for all lifestyle diseases specially psychosocial and psychosomatic problems. nnThe god gifted natural healing powers along with alternative system of medicines help  body develop its own healing capacity and it has long lasting effects without any side effects.nnI am an allopathy Doctor, and I am amazed to see the positive results specially in chronic cases where allopathy medicines give only symptomatic relief.

Dr Sanjay Agrawal

Awesome experience, very polite  intelligent docter. I am really satisfied with this experience, excellent services


Dr Amita has amazing miracle power of healing.nI took allopathy painkillers and sleep medicines for long time. Now I am healed and not taking medicines any more.nThankyou very much for giving me new life

Sanjeev Garg
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